A motorcycle that has anything non essential removed, cut off or trimmed.
"Hey man, did you cut your rear fender in half with a torch? That bobber looks like sh!t."
"So does your garbage wagon!"
by DirtyMerg July 12, 2007
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A motorcycle that has been modified by removing unnecessary parts like turn signals and crash bars, cutting the fenders down (bobbing) or even removing them completely, installing a smaller fuel tank, etc.

Originally the modifications were done to increase the motorcycle's power-to-weight ratio for increased performance and racing.

Also called a cut-down, California special or Fat Bob if the stock gas tanks are kept on.

Bobbers were the precursor to choppers.
Jimbo has a sweet Panhead bobber.
by Dr. Badwrench January 5, 2009
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one who enjoys giving head. Orginated from a girl named leann from carthage, who lives for giving power hours. A power hour consist of seeing how many guys you can suck off in an hour. ( the record is 5)
mike eger, I will give head you don't have to punch me in the head this time. I didn't get the name bobber cause I like to fish.
by mike(I have aids) anger December 28, 2005
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Noun: A lump of green material extracted from one's nose. Known in the UK as a grolly.
Origins: Yiddish/Polish/Eastern European.
See also prunch.
I've picked a big bobber.
by Jono March 27, 2005
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The thing you clip your keys on, also known as a caribiner. Also used by rock climbers. It was invented by the 6th graders at OLS.
Danny: "Hey, Matt, what's that thing hooked to your belt?"
Matt: "It's my bobber, it's so I don't lose my keys."
Danny: "I'm goin' to Walgreens to get myself a bobber."
by Jim Benedick February 25, 2006
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A derogity name word used in North Yorkshire to describe a nerd, or geeky looking bloke. (Skinny, bad hair, glasses, often laden with books and pencils)
Look at ole bobbers over there!

Haha hes a right bobber!

Oi Bobbers!!
by Wilberto July 5, 2006
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What your mom uses to fish the dick out her ass.
can u find me a bobber i caught me a big one
by meatwad1245 July 21, 2010
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