153 definitions by cornholio

Latest politically correct term for a black, Negro, colored American with even a minuscule proportion of African descent
Jesse Jackson is losing his position as chief African-American spokesman to the flamboyant Al Sharpton
by cornholio October 04, 2003
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A self-help program for alcoholics involving group confession; substitutes an addiction to the organization and its rituals for an addiction to alcohol. Also AA.
Ever since he got convicted of drunk driving he's beein going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings twice a day, and become insufferable.
by cornholio October 13, 2003
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An active or "top" homosexual. Opposite of maricon
Pinche vida, aquel es un gran bugaron
by cornholio September 29, 2003
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British for "not a damned thing'; gurnisht; nada.
I worked painting his house for a week, but he didn't pay me buggerall
by cornholio October 09, 2003
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Someplace hard to get to and generally undesirable; the boonies or toolies.
I asked her out once, but then I found out she lived in Bumfuck Egypt, so I dropped her.
by cornholio October 11, 2003
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