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Orginated from Dinos mother and father, it was later carried on by the in-breeding of dino and his mother which created an in-bred child, vasilli, this then spread to the love child of rattler and vasilli, being vordak.

Perhaps a new section should be created to encompass the severity of the in-breeding that resulted in the oddforcez "group". Their unbalanced mental state, the largest understatement of all time, being the most exciting realm of their "retardedness" to explore. Most of the world's science community is currently undertaking this endeavour in one way or another.

As such, the only word to describe the oddforcez group would be "smacktard(s)", as they are the one and only true pure source of this vile mental condition caused deliberately by reckless in-breeding. (for an example of non-reckless in-breeding see "bogans")

As such, funds and donations are now being collected in order that this misformed and truelly hideous group of individuals.. or rather "smacktards" may be studied so that no other human being may have to suffer the insult of being called a member of "oddforcez"

P.S: Hugs n kisses from merlin :)
Ra!, Rattler, Vordak, SgtVereker, Dinosaw, Vasilli, BruceCampbell, SgtBarney, ColKlacker, Jabba Mates
SgtSexington, Sergmister, Cain, @nglo,
bChopperPilot, StripDeck, Baz, Dr Harry, Dutch, Thudd, Bleeding.
by CORNHOLIO August 31, 2004
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