a City in the predominantly wealthy Orange County, CA. has a population of around 80,000 and is one of the wealthiest communities in CA as well as the U.S. you know you are in newport beach when you enter the city and the makes of cars drastically change. every other car is a Benz or a BMW and you are guaranteed to see a couple of Bentleys or Ferrari's. a luxury shoppers paradise because it is home to Fashion Island mall and close to South Coast Plaza. both places you can spend more money on one outfit than most people's mortgages. almost all kids that live there are rich and half of kids drive nicer cars than the Staff. real estate is INSANE can't buy a single family home for less than 1 mill and some homes are worth over 20 million. home to some celebrities such as kobe bryant, john wayne, whitney houston, and nicolas cage. JEEZ, no wounder it's considered the Beverly hills OF OC.
hey you want to go shopping in Newport Beach?

nah i got a family to feed...
by oc boy January 14, 2010
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A city surrounded by Irvine, Laguna, Huntington, and Costa Mesa. Newport has some pretty amazing beaches, parks, restaurants, and shopping centers. The people are not always too nice, but they aren't too bad. Everyone who lives in Newport, including myself, hates tourists... they're annoying. The houses are super expensive, and a lot of the people who live here got their money similarly to how Mitt Romney got his. Daddy gave it to him. Some people, though, worked really hard to live here... so we aren't all snobby assholes. All in all, Newport is a pretty cool city.
Newport Beach Citizen 1: "Daddy bought me a $10 million house!"
Newport Beach Citizen 2: "I worked my f*cking ass off to get a house here!"
by UDboy September 16, 2015
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Chad: "Let's go to the bars in Newport Beach tonight."
Blake: "Ya! I'll wear my new white boat shoes."
Chad & Blake: "Who doesn't love boat shoes?!"
by newportlove July 11, 2008
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A city in Orange County, California. Very expensive to own a house here because nice places cost money. Hated by many because apparently it's a bad thing to work one's ass off to live in a nice area.
(Tard 1) Yeah he's from Newport Beach (Tard 2) He must be a snobby douche.
by uuuummm July 19, 2012
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A city in Orange County, California; home to most of the rich, conservative jerks that make up Orange County's power base and shadow government. The cosmetic surgery capital of Orange County and white collar crime capital of the United States. The typical Newport Beach resident is a Rabid Republican with Money (the most damaging kind) and wishes that Ronnie Reagan was still President. Like many of the rich and entitled, residents live by the credo "Do as I say and not as I do." To fill the empty void in their lives, the women spend their days in the vapid pursuit of material goods and bigger and better boobs; the men spend their days snorting coke, screwing their wives' girlfriends, and practicing crony capitalism; and the children spend their days smoking pot, surfing, and hating their parents (who they will of course grow up to emulate).
The city, on behalf of and with generous assistance from its wealthy residents, tried to engineer the building of a huge, noisy, and polluting international airport at the abandoned El Toro Marine Base adjacent to neighboring Irvine. These Bush Pioneers/Assholes claimed that the unnecessary airport dangerously close to the Santa Ana mountain range was "sorely needed" and would create "thousands of jobs"; in actuality they believed that jets should fly over Irvine's middle class homes and not their own. As part of the scheme the recently remodeled, taxpayer-financed airport next to Newport would have been converted into a small craft facility to be used primarily by themselves. However, Orange County voters refused to be hoodwinked or allow their property values to be undermined and the airport was resoundingly defeated, and the base zoned for parkland and annexed by the city of Irvine.
Thanks to putrid TV program "The O.C.," half of America thinks that all of Orange County is like Newport Beach (the other half think it is like the putrid "Laguna Beach"). This misconception serves as a wellspring of rage and shame to Orange County's more literal-minded residents.
The residents of Newport Beach tried to make airplanes fly over my house, and for that I will always despise them.
"The O.C." is only accurate to the extent that it represents people from Newport Beach.
by WhooooAreYouuuu June 2, 2006
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Home to many hot hoes and fuckboy bros who abuse drugs such as weed, xanax, acid, and alcohol on the daily because they're rich enough to afford that shit everyday. Also many spoiled bitches who rely on their parent's paychecks to get them through life. If you live in newport, you either have an amazing life , or a sucky one because your not apart of the mainstream social life. Every teen in newport has at least 2,000 followers on instagram and all the girls wear thongs to the beach. Guys wear rolled Kakhis and stance socks and girls wear San Lorenzo bathing every fucking where they go. In conclusion, if your looking to hook up with a hot, fucked up, rich blonde, cruise to newport.
Guy one: Damn, that girl in the small bikini popping xans is hot as fuck!
Guy Two: She must be from Newport Beach.
by Badcat275 November 5, 2017
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1. the place by where i go to school
2. where the O.C. supposedly takes place
3. a town full of yuppies and their snobby kids, where the soccer moms are more silicon than should be allowed and the dads are rich conservatives
4. a place where everything, is closed by 11

see palley for an example of a newport family
like oh my god, newport beach is so boring.
by hs414 May 11, 2005
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