When you are really good at using something.
Man, that guy is fucking surgical with that gun.
by Austin O July 23, 2006
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adj. Meticulously crafted.
"This iPod is fn surgical." "fn pwrd"
by Anonymous May 12, 2005
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Perfomed when there is a massive floater in the toilet and you really need to take a 'slash'. Involves wearing your coat back to front to avoid contamination.
Dude A: 'dude! there was a giant floater in the toilet'
Dude B: 'time for the surgical...'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin October 27, 2005
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Don't fuck wit me dog, i get surgical.
Let's roll past this nigga's house cuz i got my shotty and you know i get surgical wit this shit.
by swizz April 21, 2003
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one who has had surgry
John wasn't able to dance because he was surgicated
by Miz Liz January 1, 2008
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In many MMORPG games, the term "Surgical" usually means someone is acting both cocky and n00bish, which means that the surgical person thinks they are very great, when they are a complete idiot. This originated from a player on World of Warcraft by the name of Surgical who acted this way. People often made fun of him, but Surgical would lash back in anger or mistake the insults as flattery. Insulting him soon spread to a server-wide joke, and later gained popularity elsewhere. The server this originally took place at was "Black Dragonflight"
Wow, this n00b is so surgical. Hehe, what a useless n00b.
by Stonecosta June 28, 2006
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The one person who makes surgery possible. Strong, independent, reliable, motivated, determined, hard working, 100% Bad-Ass.
...What do you for a living?
I’m a Surgical Tech
...man, that’s Bad-Ass bro
by That’s right April 17, 2018
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