33 definitions by clay

One who hauls more ass than others.
Slow up Randy, you're haulin' sophmore ass!
by clay February 26, 2004
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A turd longer than three feet in length.
Dude, that elephant laid the hugest ass dauful I HAVE EVER SEEN!!
by clay February 26, 2004
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Term. When you have no money to but presents for other people.
"Dude, I have a dollar. I'm carding it ths year."
by clay December 15, 2003
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A place where anything from sex to a bar fight can happen.
"They had a fight at The 447 Honk It" - "Me and her stayed the night at The 447 Honk It" - " You got slamed on The 447 Honk It."
by clay June 8, 2004
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Hell no you idiot. A bankhead nigga is an African American from the Bankhead area of Atlanta, Georgia....Shawty!
by clay May 6, 2004
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When one has the up most respect for another they first say booyakasha then proceed.
Booyakasha, I would like to introduce ____ to you
by clay November 23, 2004
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"That movie was pretty good."
by clay August 23, 2003
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