1. Showing superiority to another person, usually in a way that humiliates them.
2. Owned.
"Gertner got slamed when Griego found out about his night elf porn."
by Karec May 31, 2005
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slimeballish {derived from the Tatooine word "slamo" as seen in Star Wars: Episode 1, meaning slimeball.} (Can also be pronounced "Schlame")
I hate how you cheat in Mario Kart 64 because it is so slame.
by El_Scorcho August 25, 2003
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Slame is slay and same put together. When you want to let the person you’re talking to know you feel the same way about something while simultaneously expressing that you are excited about it can use slame.
“I hope I get a good grade!”
“Omg slame. I can’t fail another test
by Anaïsthelinguist June 15, 2022
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adj. A term used to describe someone who is of an elevated level of lame. It is a synthesis of the word 'super' and 'lame' thus the world 'slame'
Someone who goes to bed at seven on a Friday night is slame.
by edisondotme November 28, 2010
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A combination of two words, created from the word "Slow" and "Lame"
The movie Ghost Rider was very slame

Wow, that workshop was slame. I wasted my time sitting down there.

The turtle is slame.
by ladynorthic February 17, 2007
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1. To kill someone in a very boring manner
2. Looking amazing and also nerdy
1. After all that buildup, the villain's quick defeat was really slame.
2. She looks really slame in that Dr. Who dress.
by Gamer ninja AC March 4, 2017
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