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abbreviation for 'talking hump syndrome' from a 'futurma' episode 'a clone of my own'
robot guard: what did your hump say?
professor: its my talking hump symdrome
robot guard: oh, ths.
by joannapanties December 28, 2007
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AKA tuscarora. A High School located in Fredneck, Maryland. Inhabited by many whores of all shapes and sizes. Known for its pot heads, the "rape," bathroom sexcapades, locked bathrooms, teacher-student relations, a pathetic football team, a girls soccer team that needs to kill itself and is on many drugs, and one sexy group of bitches known as ASS. ask about me...Mascot: Titans
Sep: drugs and house

Random Person: you go to Tuscarora ?
Jim: Do u still go to THS?

Steve: Sadly

Jim: Do u really hate it that much

Steve: Look id rather go snort coke with LiL Wayne and spend a day pretending Slim Jesus is actually good.

Jim: Come on dude just put on a fake smile

Steve: Nah man everytime i walk into this school people mistake me for a white Kanye West
by SexOverLettace August 28, 2016
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The Hollywood Sensation; a being in which exposes themselves to publicity as if they were famous. When in actual fact, all they do is try to get as much attention as possible.
Boastful guy 1: Nigger, I'm THS. I make it snow on hoes.

Guy 2: You ain't squat, you self-communing turd.
by The Hollywood Sensation June 10, 2011
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