33 definitions by clay

The word "Bubble" in the Z-tense.
This spa is cold. Turn up the bizznubles.
by clay August 23, 2003
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"Dude, did you just Boof one?"
by clay August 23, 2003
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A Southern adjective meaning a large amount of something.
There was a bookoodle of people at the football game today.
by clay July 9, 2004
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When one has the up most respect for another they first say booyakasha then proceed.
Booyakasha, I would like to introduce ____ to you
by clay November 23, 2004
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broken. deliberate mispelling and leetization of broken. broke > borke > bork > borked
GAH! I borked it!
dude! you borked it!
by clay May 31, 2003
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Full-count at a basball game.
"Top of the 6th, shortstop Tony Smith is going Balls-Out tonight."
by clay August 23, 2003
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