78 definitions by cj

they wear rockports and a fucking stupid cap that points to thye sky. Come owt wiv shit words like boonies(cigarettes) and lower(money). The girls are pregnant by the time they are 16 and they are normally found hanging about scum council estates. they are all thick and consider getting one GCSE a real challange. This is because they are kicked out of school before they reach 12 years of age. they have also got a fascination with fake burberry.
townie: 'ere mate have you got and boons?
normal person:no sorry
townie:so any boons i can find on you i can have.
and then they assault you.
by cj February 23, 2004
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An object that is so horid that one can notbear to turn their full attention from it.
When I woke up this morning, I worked through the pain of my hangover only to see that I had a damn train wreck in my bed.
by cj April 27, 2004
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When a man cums into the sand on a beach and scoops it up and slings it into the girls face.
CJ unloaded a massive cum shot into the sand at Nags Head N.C. and scooped it up and slung it into the unknowing face of Shelby.
by cj December 14, 2004
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n. A man who enjoys anal sex with other men. Shortened from "dirt (or dung, crap, etc.) tamper". A butt pirate.
Will: That Jude Law is quite an attractive man.

CJ: You are SUCH a tamp.
by cj January 31, 2004
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A sexual act where a female is being reverse tea-bagged and at the same time you pass gas into her nose making her cheeks puff out like a blowfish.
This chick I knew loved seafood so I gave her the Smelly Blowfish.
by cj October 05, 2003
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gay sexual practice, a gerbel is dehaired with "NEER" hair remover. then placed in a paper towel tube, and the tube is placed at the opening of one lovers anus, the other lover then blows a hit of crack cocain into the tube. you figure out the rest.
Bruce enjoyed his weekly smoothie from Felix,it made his feel like a little girl again.
by cj December 04, 2004
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The reaction from a woman after hot sauce is applied near her Treasure Track.
Put hot sauce on your hand and rub away.
by cj February 09, 2005
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