A technique for giving blowjobs in which the giver twists their hand on the receiver's shaft as if they were revving up a motorcycle (as opposed to the standard up and down motion) while sucking.
The blowjob was just OK until she started using the motorcycle. It didn't take long after that.
by Drew Pesak June 2, 2007
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An incredibly easy dance! Just lean back and pretend you are revving up a motorcycle. Invented and popularized by rapper Yung Joc, who can be seen doing the motorcycle in his video, "It's Goin' Down".
"I saw Tom Cruise doing the motorcycle on BET. It was really sad!"
by nastina June 8, 2006
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When you stick your thumb in a chicks ass and rev it like a motorcycle! Vrooooom!
I gave my chick the motorcycle last night! Vrooom! Vrooom!
by RandomS January 30, 2008
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the act of fucking a girl while grabbing her by the ankels and making vroom vroom noises, if you want to get really creative you shove it in an try to get her head off the ground like a wheelie
i gave that chick the motorcycle last night n she wouldn't doo wheelies
by djfade January 18, 2011
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when u put ur balls in a chicks mouth, squat on her chest grab her hair like handle bars and start goin vrooom vrooom and leave a huge skidmark right on her chest.... thats the real motorcycle
My friend Carey loves balls..... so i surprised her and gave her the motorcycle...
by D BAG, meanest MC twice May 13, 2009
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A thrilling, energy-efficient mode of transportation that many people consider "too dangerous", mainly because these people drive a 3-ton SUV while texting.
SUV driver: <texting> OMG LOL grumpy cat is SOO HILAR-
SUV driver: OMG what was that??
<sees dead motorcyclist in rear view mirror>
SUV driver: Serves him right he shouldn't be driving a motorcycle they're sooo dangerous, LOL!!!!
by Foodinator October 13, 2015
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Motorcycles are the best form of adrenaline rush because when you get off one you say, "wow i'm still alive!"
My motorcycle keeps my heart healthy.
by gaggdsfsdfasd January 19, 2007
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