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it cause people to live forever it attack the mind of the person sores
by CJ November 12, 2003
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breaking chickens neck while the fouls impaled on erect member,thus causing dying quivers. UM UM feels so good
bruce often longed for the day when he would he working on his thesis " THE DYING QUIVERS FIELD TEST"
by CJ December 7, 2004
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internet losers who must mask the fact that they don't have their own personality or social life. Most likely of canadian origin.
grimlock, RUSTEDSTUFF, america junior, bhat mann, winnie the trent reznor, space ghost, THE wade carlson
by CJ June 10, 2004
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An exclamation derived from the word spiffy.
Person 1: "You just won a million dollars and 5 pair of toe socks!"
Person 2: "Spiff-a-riffic!"
by CJ April 11, 2005
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A cigarrette
Pass me that c-donkey
by CJ May 6, 2004
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The acting of performing or recieving of oral sex.
Kiesha got herpes on her mouth from her bad habbit of giving random boys bezzle.
by CJ October 11, 2003
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Regional slang for Hull (UK)
simply means theres a "Horse on the Path"
by CJ September 27, 2004
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