The term used by men with a large cock to describe exactly why their girlfriend/wife/mistress has an impaired ability to walk correctly.

Same term can be used by women to acurately describe how hung their boyfriend/husband/affair is.
Men: I fucking impaled that chick last night. She won't walk right for days.

Women: Omg, like, he took his massive shaft, and like, impaled me with it. I am so sore. I want more!
by TheMysteriousCharmer April 19, 2016
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To caues a point object to go into or through someone or somthing.
I can imagine myself impaled through thouse oversized horns of his.
by cool and hot March 9, 2016
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To drive a long, sharp object, like a harpoon or a spear, through someone's body so that they are attached to it. Often fatal. Attach the instrument to a wall for further amusement.
"I impaled him with my magnificent weapon. You heard me..."
by John Q Moron May 5, 2004
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A way of Torture where a sharpen sick is stabbed through a person and that person is hoisted up or a blunt wooden pole or stake is shoved up someones rectum and the victim is hoisted up, painfully slow death. Made famous by Vlad the impaler.
Did Jeff just get impaled?
by Skunto October 14, 2018
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the act of forcing a sharp object through the body until it reaches the other side
The man got bamboo growing through his body , the excutioner was traumatized after

impaling him
by mlqrt February 26, 2017
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To insert (usually in a rough manner) a large object or penis into a body cavity.

To stab with a large object.
Person 1: "How was your night last night"
Person 2: "Great but I can barely walk, got impaled last night"

Rochelle got impaled by J last night!
by CJRealtalk May 6, 2015
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Term used to identify a man with an extremely large penis, 32 feet or greater(that is an exageration stressing the size)
Dude that guy, has a massive wang, he could like, impale 10 chics on that thing, we should call him the impaler
by Jezus2.0 September 9, 2006
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