For the purpose of punishing and/or containing criminals.
(You thought it meant something else, didn't you!) ;)
by BlastMaster June 18, 2003
Of or relating to the penis, phallus, etc.
That gay man uttered some rather penal words.
by Professor Bluh January 7, 2004
Word used in the town of Sombor, Serbia. It means great, super, cool.
Tvoja nova frizura je baš penal!

Your new haircut is really penal (great)!
by TrashyBabe. January 11, 2010
wakeing up with a drawing of a penis on your face; regularly drawn with a black perminant marker
I was penalized after passing out in homeboys kitchen
by billy ;) July 18, 2008
When you take the penis so hard that you're paralyzed.
Bro, I totally penalized her last night. She couldn't move for a solid 30 seconds.
by TheSecretSauce September 5, 2015
Another shortened term for anal penetraion with ones penis
Dave: "Hey Cat, would you like some Penal?"

Cat: "Yes, i would love it up the bum right now!"
by dathpeawal June 26, 2010