65 definitions by charles

a word used in place of fuck, particulary in Mormon culture.
"What the f...uh...crunk are you doing?"
by charles February 19, 2005
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To make impure by contact with bodily sexual fluids

also used as cumtaminated, cumtaminating
Don't use "that" towel, it is cumtaminated
by charles December 08, 2004
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bellend is on Gregs head
Greg is a total bellend
by charles December 02, 2003
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one whom desecrates his sanctity through acts of vile perversion and misfit necrophilismn. Whoms sole purpose is merfing and engaging in the art of snowballing and beastiality. He lives for the rush of the male orgasm and enjoys the fine lifestyle of the everescent flamboyant meeple.
If bentoid was here all the little oriental boys would be in a extreme euphoric state.
by charles November 30, 2004
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A plant that must be planted next to the Oder river in Central Europe.
"Did you see those Jodina plants by the Oder river?"
by charles June 21, 2006
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