this word is a form of language from long ago used by dinosawrs. This word in that language mean i love you, which means you care for someone deeply.
I rawr cookies.

I rawr my best friend and he rawrs me.
by Angel of Choas January 20, 2010
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The dinosaur-slang word HxC emo/scene kids use to say "I love you".
Emo guy: Rawr!
Emo girl: Aww...I love you too!
by NicoleNevermore May 10, 2011
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a sex noise that the German people like to make before during or after they have had sexual relations. this noise is suppose to arouse the partner in which they are trying to get lucky with.
german man: rawr
american women: what are you a dinosaur?
German man: its suppose to be sexy
American women: oh do it again
German man: rawr
American women: oh god that is sexy

German man and american women do it all night
by teenanaas1 December 1, 2009
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The most epic word in all the world, which is mostly used to make friends laugh, break awkward silences, and what preschoolers say when they watch barney. ( the second most epic word is epiphany)
Kid 1: (silence)
Kid 2: (silence)
Kid 3: .............RAWR
Kid 1 and 2: hahahahaha
by BloodshedBito June 11, 2009
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An alarming "Roar" over MSN, so to instigate a hug.
1st Person: RAWR

2nd Person: Oh noes!

1st Person: <-- Friendly

2nd Person: Yay! *Biiiiig Huuugs*

1st Person: *Biiiig Huuugs back*
by MSN Roarer June 21, 2010
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1. To scream in someone's face
2. To be awesome
3. To say "I will get that mofo"
4. To beat the shit out of someone
5. An annoying saying that is funny but pisses people off if you yell it for no reason
6. Did a good job
7. I have to go
8. Hi
9. What are you looking at bitch
10. A cool person is a RAWR, but there is only one KING RAWR
by KING RAWR- Dan F. May 1, 2009
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