65 definitions by charles

A country which doesn't have any state or city. and try to divide themself to parts.. like Ang mo kio, orchard, pasir ris.... this places can be travel in 1 hr time.
if 1 million man pee on this island, it will be flooded in 2 hours.
by charles August 02, 2003
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Actress with a thick lip and big boobs. A woman who think she is one real Lara croft.
you saw her new movie? damn.., that nipples are hot.
by charles August 02, 2003
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To state that something will not happen so as to increase the chances of that thing happening. The opposite of jinxing.
Stop antijinxing, you know youre going to do well.
by charles July 08, 2003
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Ahh, the glorious sounds of Almost Never... find them at www.almostnever.com.
by charles July 19, 2003
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Five Dollar Whore, slang, used to as a sign of humiliation.
I screwed her like she was a fydollaho. I mean, nasty and cheap
by charles March 29, 2005
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