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A slang term used in online conversations, with the meaning "Laughing My F****** Ass Off"

See lmao and lol.
I heard The Game was excommunicated from G-Unit, and I lmfao at him."
by Charles March 2, 2005
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Ejaculating into a woman's nostrils, causing her to snarl in rage to clear her nasal cavity, making a sound en enraged dragon might.
"I didn't mean to give you a snarling dragon. Really." -
by Charles April 8, 2004
a girl that likes to be with multiple guys at once
a girl that is with multiple guys and she is still semi-with her ex boyfriend
by Charles March 9, 2005
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Phrase used to indicate that a woman is pregnant. The term originates from an early pregnancy test. It was discovered that when a pregnant woman's urine was injected into a female rabbit, the hormonal difference would result in detectable changes in the rabbit's ovaries. Although this form of testing was always fatal to the rabbit, no matter what the results were, the public somehow got the misconception that only a positive result killed the rabbit.
by Charles April 26, 2005
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Like the word snazzy, derived from a typo, to exclaim that something is cool.
man, that was snas
by Charles June 7, 2003
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1. The schenely boy never did know how to take a good deed the right way.
by Charles January 26, 2005
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