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The only place with Arctic weather and Summer weather in all four seasons, plus an unnamed fifth season where it rains toothpicks. Home of several big companies and wide fields of crops.
This week's two-day forecast for northern Ohio.
Monday: Partly sunny. High -30.
Tuesday: Overcast. High 157.
by Hnery Derpington III January 26, 2014
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random weather patterns. makeing meteorology nearly imposible
if you can acuratly predict ohio's weather you are either God himself, or Satan
by Kentro April 14, 2008
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The only place in the world where you can experience all four seasons in one week.
Meteorologist - "This weeks four day forecast. We have snow coming in across the lake on Monday, Heavy rain and cold weather on Tuesday, warmer temperatures and slight rain on Wednesday, and clear skies with sunshine all day on Thursday."
Me - "Oh, just a normal week in Ohio."
by NickN~ May 11, 2011
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A state where its weather pattern has PMS. 10 degrees and a foot of snow one day, 65 degrees and thunderstorm the next.
Bob: Man, we got a foot of snow yesterday
Jim: Yeah, but we're getting 6 inches of rain today
Bob: I'm not surprised, Ohio always has PMS
Bob: Oh well, at least we aren't Michigan
by ohio330 January 18, 2012
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A land of shifting mists, Ohio is the most mysterious state in America. There are some who claim that it does not exist at all, but is merely a hoax perpetrated by a strong core of dedicated jokesters in the "neighboring" states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and West Virginia (we're pretty sure no one tells Kentucky anything).

Most people believe, however, that Ohio DOES in fact exists, and that its mystery is due solely to the mysterious mists that seem to enshroud the entirety of the state in...well...mystery, deterring all but the most stalwart of travelers. Constituents to this belief also hold that Ohio is, in fact, the last home of the dinosaurs, and that Ohioan economy is based almost solely on quarrying and agricultural works using highly-trained dinosaurs as the primary (and literal) beasts of burden.
Someone from Michigan: Ha! Those suckers on the East Coast actually think Ohio exists!

Someone from Pennsylvania: Actually, it's just mysterious, you didn't even realize it was there. You know, what with all the enigmatically swirling mists and all...

Someone from Indiana: Really?!

Someone from West Virginia: Oh yeah, definately. A dinosaur from Ohio ate my sister, actually.

Someone from Kentucky: Oh, hey guys! What's going on?

The Other Four People: Oh...nothing...You know...

Someone from Kentucky: Cool! You want to hang out?

The Other Four People: *evasive mumbles*
by Vladimir McCools October 08, 2007
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I used to think that this state was propably the most suckish, boring state EVER.
I think a lot differently now.
Here are a few things about this Awesome state.

This was one of the first states of the Northeast, Established in 1803. The three main cities are Columbus, the capitol, Cleveland, and Cinncinati.
The Wright Brothers were raised in Ohio.
So were eight of America's presidents.
Aaand the first man to walk on the moon.
Akron was the first town to use police cars.
Cleveland was the first fully electric powered city.
Also the first state to use traffic lights.
And many many other things that I can't remember.


1; STAY. AWAY. FROM. SPRINGFEILD. TOWNSHIP. This is basically the cespoo of Ohio. Unless you are crazy, like everyone else that lives in that weird place :D

2; ..I suggest dont go to Toledo.

3; If you have the courage to yell, 'I LOVE MICHIGAN' in a public area...You. Will. Be. Eaten. Alive. Unless you're in Toledo.

4; When you hear someone yell, 'O-H', you yell 'I-O'. Dont ask questions. Just do it.

5; Don't. Diss. OSU. You will also be eaten alive for that also. Again, unless you're in Toledo

6; In response to number one, stay away from Ellet too.

7; Our weather is crap and very unpredictable. Deal with it. I suggest bringing snowboots in the middle of summer and shorts in the dead of winter.

8; Only we can diss our state. If you diss it, we'll agree with you for that second, then again, eat you alive.

9; There's a 3/4 chance you will be eaten alive.

So, that's only 1/4 of the stuff in Ohio. Come here to figure out the rest for yourself :D
But...Try not to be eaten alive...
Ohio. Pwns. Every. Other. State. In. The. Nation.
by Proud_To_Be_An_Ohioan June 29, 2008
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