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A word that a ska musician (can't think of the name currently) made up when trying to define something so awesome and so ska he called it Skavooie.
Man, That Last band was Skavooie!
by Cat February 15, 2005

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A roll your own cigarette. Often touted by consumers of aformentioned product as "chemical free" In all actuality the consumers simply cannot afford regular cigarettes.
John is smoking a roly. Maybe this will make the def long enough fot ya!
by Cat July 08, 2004

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i am yet to find a scally girl i find attractive, i bet ya some of them are, but then they hide their beauty by making themselves look like they are going in for a part on Willy Wonka's chocolate factory as an Umpa Lumpa, with their bright orange or dull brown faces. The trackies they wear makes their arses look huge and saggy. As for the lads, with their bald heads making their heads REAL weird looking and odd shaped, also, making their ears look rather large and sticking out... Could you find that attractive? HA, no way.
Oh and of course their knuckles, in their attempt to 'out-scally' the other members in the group (and other people) they will hit random things, even walls, so that their knuckles are injured looking like they have had many fights. but realy, they just look like they have hit many walls, in most cases, this is true.
scally:"look at da scaarrz on me ands im well ard m8"
mosha:oh go punch a wall
by Cat February 28, 2004

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a sunny feeling!....words from a disney song.
"zipditydoda zipidyay my oh my what a wonderful day"
by cat October 11, 2003

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To move quickly, esp in fleeing or escaping.
When they saw the cops they scooted right out of there.
by Cat July 03, 2003

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wen sum fin is gd, can b used 2 replace da word cool, dis is a word me n a m8 started n now heaps of ppl use it so SAY PHLOTE
wow ur nu top is well float
dis song is float
by cat November 08, 2004

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Someone with a small weener. A word used to annoy your younger sister about her young boyfriend.
"Jeff always gets Amanda mad by getting on the phone and saying, "Your boyfriend has a teewee."
by Cat November 26, 2004

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