50 definition by cat

Like a Diaper but for fat kids.
Many people thought this fool was a daiper.
by Cat November 01, 2004

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Men who act like sissies.
Yo jamma, 'watcha gonna do 'bout dem girly men?
by Cat August 02, 2004

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A fascist dictator who edits or deletes messages for his own amusement.
*Message edited by Hudson Hawk*
by Cat October 17, 2003

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Vb. "to catadam", to meet someone new and interesting on the internet
Lisa hadn't catadamed before she met Alex.
by Cat February 18, 2004

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a word used 4 a try hard towney/rudie, or sum 1 hu is trying 2 b all hard n der not
wat u fink ur duin u jammabog
by cat November 08, 2004

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Dating someone online through AOL.
Guy: Hey you're hot!
Girl: Mm you're hot too!
Guy: Wanna ao date?
Girl: Ok!!
by Cat February 13, 2004

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Stupendous, human, owner of soft blankets.
Compare with friend
by Cat December 13, 2003

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