Unintelligible, yet somehow mysteriously compelling, Scots word for grand, fine, super, etc
It's a braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht t' nicht

(Translated into lesser English:
It's a superb, bright, monnlit night tonight)
by Bonnie wee haggis September 23, 2003
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Surfer Lingo. Stands for "brother". Is often used to fill in parts of a sentance when nothing else will do. Misc. paragraph structure.
Sup Braw! There's sum super ultimate gnarly, radical surf that needs to be shredded braw! - I feel you braw! Whoa!

-Phil- "Hey Ryan, how's your day going?"
-Ryan- "Uhhhh.........BRAWWW!"
by Not Edmondson November 14, 2003
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e.g. she's a braw lass! (meaning: she's a beautiful girl)
by Cat October 5, 2004
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"These are my braws"
by zx August 15, 2002
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Mad -Or Enraged - A Sense Of Anger
I Am Brawed At James For Stealing My Swag
by Lazaro La Rosa August 25, 2009
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Wow Becca you are looking so BRAW tonight !!
by Doyouken March 5, 2020
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