1. It was originally a slang term used in Ireland to mean either a) "to steal" or b) "to throw".

2. It's also used as a pretty mild swear word in Ireland.
It's used a) to express that you're pissed off or b) to describe somebody who pissed you off.
It's not related to the word 'Fuck', and doesn't have any sexual undertones, so is acceptable for polite company.

3. The characters in the sit-com Father Ted made the use of 'Feck' more popular outside of Ireland, most noticeably in the United Kingdom.
Unlike what a lot of people think, the scriptwriters did NOT invent 'feck' to get past censors who didn't allow the word 'fuck'. In fact, 'feck' was used as a mild swear word LONG before Father Ted made it famous!
1. a) "They had fecked cash out of the rector's room." - from James Joyce's 'Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man'.
1. b) "He asked me for a loan of my basketball, so I fecked it across the yard to him."

2. a) Priest: "Ah, feck! I left my keys at home."
Polite Ladies: "That's an awful shame."
2. b). "That bouncer was a right old fecker for not letting us in."

3. Father Jack: "DRINK! FECK! ARSE! GIRLS!
by larlyint November 13, 2007
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Mild swear word commonly used in Ireland and even more frequently used by 2.39 million subscriber count Youtuber Call Me Kevin.
by bitternancy June 21, 2020
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Used instead of the word "fuck."
What the feck just happened?/ You fecking idiot.
by 5672 December 7, 2016
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exactly the same as 'fuck' but so much more fun to use.

originating from Ireland and put to great and hilarious use in the excellent show 'Father Ted', mainly by Father Jack, it is an excellent way to swear, as you can express exactly the same amount of frustration that you would through using 'fuck', but you don't get in trouble - great!

"feck this, i'm off to the pub"
by parlez February 17, 2005
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While in Ireland I heard feck used two ways.

definition 1) to toss away, usually involves mean intent toward another person's belongings.

definition 2) to make a small theft, usually not of any great moral consequences.

1) The bullies took the book bag from the small boy and "fecked" it into the river.
2) Broke and feeling hungry the boys snuck into the old man's orchard and "fecked" some apples to eat.
by Er M Os November 24, 2006
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