Northern Arizona University: You're only looking this up because you're a student here and you're bored right now so you just decided to see if NAU was in the Urban Dictionary. You probably spend too much time at Target.
If you're from ASU and you're looking up NAU, get out. Your kind isn't welcome here
Procrastinating Student 1: Dude, let's see if NAU is in the urban dictionary.
Procrastinating Student 2: Sure I'll look it up
Procrastinating Student 1: What?
by afromagic808 January 21, 2018
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NAUS - Commonly used as a clan tag on FPS games it stands for (Niggers Are Usually Slaves)

This clan tag is mainly used on mw3 XBL it has over 1000 members send Bad_karma182 a message if you wanna join.
Black guy:What does your clan tag mean
White guy:It means niggers are usually slaves
Black guy:Da fuck
White guy:learn proper english you fucking retarded nigger!!
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