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Personaly i think 'moshers' are scallys main targets, because they are jealous. Think about it, moshers are always having fun, we dont have any worries about getting our clothes dirty, or wet, so we are alot more flexible to hang out anywhere. We do not use violence to sort everything out, and when we see each other around, we dont just wave or put up our thumbs ... instead moshers will run up to their friends and hug them all, therefore showing more love and caring, whether they are male or female. another thing is that moshers are not scared to explore their sexuality, or even admit to it if it is 'different'.
scally:eeeeee ya mosha!!!
Mosha: And?
scally:get a wash!!
mosha:how original *walks away*
scally:see ya fag u walk away
mosha:right wa'eva
by Cat February 28, 2004

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An exclamation or reacion. Synonyms: Hey, whatever, Wow.
You know what I say to that? Shma!
by Cat February 16, 2005

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The three foot high club is the act of having sex while on a trampoline.
Hannah joined the three foot high club with Curtis last night.
by Cat May 09, 2004

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Female genitals; hairy love pit, one-eyed trouser snake snare.
George loved to fondle with Gina's man-trap at night.
by Cat January 02, 2004

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Holy shit in Snoop Dogg version.
Holy shiz wizzle... I don't believe it!
by Cat February 23, 2005

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O my gosh!!! This is the most stupid thing I have come across in a long time. I swear, you watch TV, right? on tv people are actually fucking i think that is more of an influence than some stupid bracelets i wear them and if any guy snaps my bracelets of there would be hell.
no example
by cat March 03, 2004

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someone who constantly brags about everythng and anything and has a typically 'Mr. Know It All'syndrome or frontin
Do you know that I saw Carpeted Bathrooms and a auto rickhsaw with a cd changer and remote device I swear its true
by cat January 10, 2005

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