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Originated in Philadelphia, slang for "affirmative", or "alright"
"I can't come to work today, my girl's having my baby."

"Okay...hope everything goes well. Take as much time as you need."

by cougheeNsmoke August 01, 2008
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short for alright. slang normally used in philadelphia area.
1. ard i will meet you at the mall.
2. she was ard.
by Philly0101 August 11, 2008
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to be hard. 'well hard' tough, strong minded, physically strong e.t.c
"He's proper A.R.D mate" - Chav talk
by Adam Ellis July 07, 2006
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Short for Newtownards ("newt-nards")

a town in Northern Ireland where you will find fegs, Richmonds of course, spoons, Rigger and Leonard with their 3 leets
"u just stayin in ards tonite aye? spoons yeh?"
by Jonty September 08, 2004
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