Flagstaff. The only thing higher than the elevation. Are the people.
Flagstaff population consists of hippies. A loooot of hippies.
by Lollipopppy August 25, 2012
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To plant a flag, to mark one's territory, to claim, to publicly announce property, to steal by means of technicalities
In the Summer of 2007 the Russians flagstaffed the Arctic Sea.
Flagstaffing of the moon in 1969 by the United States doesn't imply ownership according to international treaties.
North America belonged to a variety of natives however the English, Spaniards, and French flagstaffed it.
by J M-D June 13, 2008
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Northern Arizona city where the bike trails outnumber the roads, and the people that swear by them are higher than the elevation. Plenty of trees to hug.. why can't we all just be friends?
i goed to skool in flagstaf and i terned out okay!
by steve March 28, 2005
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Very small Arizonan town of boarders, skiers, and other outdoor-oriented people. Points of interest: NAU, Snowbowl (best ski area in the world.. when there's actually snow), pubs, Fort Tuthill friday night parties.
They're damn proud of having snow and below zero temperatures in the winter, and they bet on the nuber of tourists who'll get themselves killed this year.
Abreviation: FLG
Yes, it DOES snow in Arizona. Just go to Flagstaff.
by Cat February 9, 2004
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An idealistic mountain town with incredible views of the San Francisco Peaks and unrealistic optimism stemming from the 15,000+ college students at the state university. Many trustafarian, second-home buyers, mountain bikers and winter lovers. Great place for an outdoor vacation or a pint from one of three brew pubs.
Mary: But I hate Phoenix, it's so hot and full of traffic.
John: Let's try Flagstaff! We can wear jeans during the day, sweaters at night and ride our bicycles to and fro!
by Molly C August 18, 2006
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Illness contracted by Flagstaff women that causes extreme disproportion between the upper and lower body. Usually subjects are depicted with a normal-ish upper body and the unfortunate swelling and inflation of buttocks and thighs. It is believed too be a natural phenomenon caused by the high elevation and cold weather of Flagstaff, causing over preparation of the body in storing lower body fat for the cold of the winter season. DNA specimens suggest these subjects are close relatives with the hippopotamus.
I thought that girl was pretty hot but when she stood up I realized she had been afflicted by Flagstaff Syndrome.
by Trent Kurth February 7, 2009
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Generally a derogatory term used to describe a male (though it can often work for the appropriate female as well). The term is derived from the straightness of a flag pole, therefore a man who is a flagstaff is extremely straight and shows this through his treatment of girls in his life. An example of this is when a guy ditches his friends to go watch a chick flick to impress some girl. Similarly a girl could be a flagstaff when she ditches her friends to go watch a sport to which she doesn't even know the rules only to impress some guy. Whipped is a term that is used similarly, however whipped generally refers to the dominance of the significant other whereas flagstaff refers to a personality trait possessed by the one who is being whipped (more specifically, a flagstaff will be a flagstaff no matter who his significant other is whereas one who is whipped may only be so because the significant other demands it).
Can you believe Billy is washing his girlfriend's car in -7 Degree weather? Man he is SUCH a flagstaff.
by Jaime Grace January 26, 2007
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