56 definitions by bushlight

All white people are racist but only if an outsider says so.
Oh, there's the racist white people again!
by bushlight December 19, 2017
To be glad when something bad happens.
Oh man, David lost the war and partied, what a devil worshiper.
by bushlight December 10, 2017
The wrong tree is bad but I heard the bark makes good kindling for fires.
by bushlight February 1, 2018
Wednsday, thursday, friday. And if you eat at subway its turkey, salami then tuna. What the fuck has nothing to do with it.
Im having sandwiches for wtf.
by bushlight September 27, 2018
One who regardless of your personal decision is expected to garuntee your tomorrow with their life in a third world country so go over there to ask for help.
by bushlight February 19, 2019
A computer calculator, which may be good for some things like addition, subtraction and maybe even division is run from zEros and ones. Multiplication is an effort in futility.
by bushlight February 19, 2019
An Evangelical Protestant, who is similar to a hippy or millennial, will find a problem like toxic soil and lay in it and work at McDonald's until the problem gets solved. A person who has a passive way of arguing everything except the problem.
Evangelical Protestant is the religion responsible for cleaning capital lake Olympia, was of 120 year old brewery yeast.
by bushlight December 27, 2018