56 definitions by bushlight

A mutterfucker describes a person who takes your words and rearranges them to his/her own liking.
We dont need any mutterfucker right now thanks.
by bushlight November 04, 2018
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In the game of legal matters a snitch is one who walks the walk and talks the talk. Talks the talk being the police and walks the walk being the felons. A snitch, a narc, a teller, a rat, an informant, a spy, a tattle teller.
by bushlight December 21, 2017
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This refers to racists and contrary to popular beliefs is not, I repeat not se flesh eating virus necrotizing fasciitis. Nazi's or racists is what's being referred to here ladies and gentlemen, racists and racist.
I caught another hospital bill due to necrotizing fascists.
by bushlight November 16, 2018
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a word women can use to expose themselves in public and not get caught which in some places is more illegal.
she called me a pervert again, maybe they should have a special place for bitches.
by bushlight June 21, 2018
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When you look up at a tall person and look back down trying to avoid eye contact because you lost your balance
Did you see that huge dude walk by)?nodattall I was looking where I was going.
by bushlight October 10, 2017
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A drunk Irish lessen even if you're not in Ireland. Settled the score, evened out.
See that bully get schooled?
by bushlight December 13, 2017
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Arnold was a hard working young man and Schwarz means black in the German language so based on what was happening in Austria at the time when Arnold found out what his father and brother had called him he fled to america.
by bushlight June 21, 2018
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