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An individual who can get themselves in trouble, doesn't bother with other people who cause problems, pushes the limits of the ordinary street person who claims to not be a snitch and will now look like a rat as a result of their own behavior doesn't cooperate with police and will resort to a mental health professional to keep their own problems to a minimum.
Did you see Mike, he walked in a crowd and everyone pulled out the phone what a snitch offender.
by bushlight September 28, 2017
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It fits in a purse, it packs a punch, and its for the misses but she doesn't miss.
The wife got a new snub nose revolver for Christmas lets hope I don't forget her birthday.
by bushlight December 14, 2017
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"It's the water" and "good luck" are written on the beer can. The mental health system is dominant. The locals hang out at the well and watch government workers get water .4 Miles from the toxic soil sign. 29% overall religion 11% Evangelical Protestant which means it's not a holy Land. The water south in Tumwater was blessed by a holy man with Alka Seltzer and the 120 year old brewery caught fire. There is believed to be yeast holding it together.
Olympia, where the men are men and the sheep are scared.
by bushlight December 27, 2018
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Terrorism is when a terrorist threatens you due to circumstances beyond his control based on his beliefs, not facts. In the past he has warned you and you took it as a threat and now he is serious.
This is not an act of terrorism, I have warned you before, there are 100 lbs of sodium bicarbonate in various locations around the building and if my demands are not satisfied I am adding the acetic acid then I will activate the fridgepaks and boom!
by bushlight December 10, 2018
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The wrong tree is bad but I heard the bark makes good kindling for fires.
by bushlight February 01, 2018
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An Evangelical Protestant, who is similar to a hippy or millennial, will find a problem like toxic soil and lay in it and work at McDonald's until the problem gets solved. A person who has a passive way of arguing everything except the problem.
Evangelical Protestant is the religion responsible for cleaning capital lake Olympia, was of 120 year old brewery yeast.
by bushlight December 27, 2018
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Wednsday, thursday, friday. And if you eat at subway its turkey, salami then tuna. What the fuck has nothing to do with it.
Im having sandwiches for wtf.
by bushlight September 26, 2018
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