56 definitions by bushlight

Sold in America, made with ingredients from America, and according to mom there's still starving children in china.
Feeling a little guilty about Chinese food, lets get pasta.
by bushlight December 17, 2017
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When the Irish wolfhound gets too close to the ox and magic unicorn blows his head off.
by bushlight January 14, 2019
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Very offensive term saying this is a mistake. The bar will burn for offensive language such as this. The witches order will be notified that is in reference to 1986 and the Chinese zodiac is fire tiger which is only once every 60 years and predominantly wood.
The bartender said get the /86/firewood out if here
by bushlight June 23, 2021
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I didn't get enough vitamin d from sunlight on my ass and dick so I put a&d cream on instead
by bushlight November 04, 2017
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Achilles lives in troy who defeated telephus in the Trojan war who is from Olympia. Troy, al is a b and Olympia, WA is an a- on niche.com reference to Greek mythology.
Achilles was defeated by Alexander.
by bushlight December 21, 2017
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Sexy drug addicts who continuously overdose on drugs so they can get in a program but are not really worth your time.
Why do those adictease keep trying to die in the park? They never put out.
by bushlight November 05, 2017
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I dont know nothing about no dark lord, that is not a pentagram on the Ethiopia flag or the Morocco flag, it's good for tha day. Want to go smoke?
The Jewish religion is always putting down the dark lord.
by bushlight November 04, 2018
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