An absolutely amazing young man. A little teasy at times, but still is amazing. He's tall, tan skinned and wonderfully butted. He's the kind of guy who you will absolutely have a major crush on at first sight, and when he starts smiling, congratulations, you've completely fallen for him. Seriously though, the smile is to die for.
In general, DATE AN ALEXANDER. He is an amazing kisser and will make you happy for the rest of your existence. He's definitely a great guy who you'd be a dumb bitch for letting him slip out of hands. He's caring, loving, sensitive, understanding and just overall outstanding. He'll make you all hot and flustered until you completely melt. An Alexander is the best thing EVERRR.
my boyfriend is an Alexander and he is absolutely amazing!! <3
by whhhhhhhhitney June 18, 2014
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Alex is a kind guy that you can talk to and some Alexs are kinda shy in my opinion but that is only around you but when he is with his friends he is very open about things. He is a gentleman and you will smile when you are around or he will make you smile. He is very caring, sweet and loveable so if you have him as a boyfriend keep him!
Alyssa: I wish I could meet an Alexander
Danielle: Alex is my Boyfriend
Alyssa: You better keep him
by Lovesecret101 May 5, 2018
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A true goat, likely to have a huge penis also likely to be very good looking. Usually a great mix of intelligence and athletic ability. Alexanders always get the ladies and will usually have a great long, rich life.
Why are you blushing?
I saw an alexander!
by Hugge July 14, 2020
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Longer, more annoying way to call a person Alex
Guy: Hey Alexander?
Alex: fuck you
by OneSleepyGuy February 5, 2020
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Alexander is a sweet and charming guy. Lot's of girls will want him but he stays true to who he is. He stands up for what's right and is very smart. If you're with an Alexander, you can trust he'll be all yours. He will love you and cherish any moment he has with you. He is extremely sexy and is hard to resist. You'll want him all the time. An Alexander is always protective over his loved ones. He is kind to all and will give before he receives. Alexander is an amazing guy.
He is so Alexander!
You've got yourself an Alexander!
by gglove_99 March 20, 2014
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An amazing guy with a great sense of humour and amazing musical talent. He loves spending time with family and will always be found on his computer. Really amazing.
" I met someone awsome yesterday..... But I just dont remember his name...."

" if he was awsome he MUST have been an Alexander"
by Fdsa1234 July 24, 2013
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