109 definition by bryan

Yet more useless software from microsoft
Error 403 what the hell does that mean
by Bryan February 13, 2005

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Extreme approval of something gnarly.
Schwea bro, that snowboarding trick was dope!
by Bryan April 05, 2005

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A punk band formed in 1978 by John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) after the Sex Pistols disbanded.
this is not a love song
by bryan May 17, 2004

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A moat made of an emo's tears. Often filled with the angst and sadness of a thousand fagoths.
Bryan: Hey Emo! Go cry me an emoat! Hahahahaha! Fag!

Emo: *cries* *slits wrists* :*(
by Bryan April 28, 2005

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someone who clones someone else in every aspect of life, and takes every piece of that to the extreme.

aka. John Judge
Shut up, your such a clonetard!
by bryan October 14, 2004

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This kind of beast rules the underworld of livid, vivid sexual theatrics. It is one who watches porn by day, up to 60 pornos that have been saved in the deps of his personal computer. By night this death walker watches their roomate talk to their girlfriend for hours planning on ways to shut them up. It is a person who has extremely intense sexual frustrations that are heightened by his lifestyle and environment in which he lives.
I was walking down the hallway when out of the corner of my ears I heard the wild yelp of a chained sieh monster. I opened up the doo and there he was planted in front of his porn ladden computer like a deer in headlights.
by Bryan April 18, 2005

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The way one's penis looks after exiting the pool.
Man, my dicks like a stack of buttons right now.
by Bryan November 19, 2004

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