Slang term for teh center of the interweb universe. See: NASIOC.
"there's a nice set of knobs for sale on nabisco's classifieds!"
by JDizzle December 3, 2004
another word for CRACKER as in racist term for a white man
"u gawd damnd nabiscO!!!"
by Pampers Johnson August 17, 2004
A snack cracker made and distributed by the company "Nabisco", nothing more. Some use it as an insult, but they seem literally challenged. See urbandicks for more information on these people.
Nabisco crackers are a fun snack, especially at parties.
by minari-naga March 25, 2005
A phrase that, in certain rings, is substituted for Son of a Bitch.
"Ryan is such a Nabisco Cracker"
"What stupid nabisco crackers."
or just
"Nabisco Cracker"
by Zorak Brak December 3, 2003