The device that Bill Gates will use to gain troops to help him achieve the status of being the Anti-Christ.

You see, in every X-Box, there is a secret timer that is set for a specific date and time, and at that specific time, all people who are playing X-Box will see a screen that will convert them to be Gates' minions. They will be the first warriors that Gates will have, but he will soon gain more.
Person 1: I got a X-Box!
Person 2: Don't play it!!! You will become part of Bill Gates' plan to take over the world!
Person 1: Oh...Mom, take me back to Best Buy, I need to return my X-Box!!
by Bryan June 06, 2005
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Best gaming console ever. People who make fun of it are just jealous fucks because they don't have one. Either that or the controller is just bigger than their dinky penises.
Guy 1: "Hey dude, I just got an x-box and it's pretty awesome."

Guy 2: "That thing's fucking gay. The controller is too big and it reminds me of my 3 inch."
by Mizz Oni January 30, 2005
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A Video Game Console with only one exclusive game worth buying(Chronicles of Riddick)(KOTOR is on PC, Tom Clancy games have gone to PS2 with added features). Which has gone toward funding the already world's richest man Bill Gates. It's also a large object that can be dropped from American planes on to Iraq if we're lucky enough to have planes that strong. Also made as a home for the homeless with a plutonium core, a good way to start a campfire(it catches on fire faster than matches), and a largly, foolishly profited organization.
X-box's on the top shelf? I thought Egyptian slavery was over
by Sith September 16, 2004
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the worst system ever, no true nerd can support it and call himself a video game patriot. also know as the nazi-box
stop video game nazism and liberate the world from the X-box.
by popisdead February 17, 2005
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A console (wait, a "graphics machine," I don't wanna offend good consoles) made by that evil company microsoft that thinks the xbox is good because it has great graphics, a dvd player and games that just aren't fun to play.
If you want good games, get a SNES or a megadrive. You might even have fun with a pc.

If you like good graphics more then having fun, the xbox is for you!
by Marbarian May 30, 2005
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The worst game console ever.

The controller is so big that people also use it as a dinner table.

Take it from me: BUY A PS2!
All the money spent on x-box and x-box games goes to Bill Gates!!!
by HALO SUX November 11, 2004
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