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left wing spewing newspaper printed in baltimore. ownef by the same ppl that own the la times. see liberal spew
The Baltimore Sun is a left wing tool, like CNN.
by bryan September 13, 2004

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The device that Bill Gates will use to gain troops to help him achieve the status of being the Anti-Christ.

You see, in every X-Box, there is a secret timer that is set for a specific date and time, and at that specific time, all people who are playing X-Box will see a screen that will convert them to be Gates' minions. They will be the first warriors that Gates will have, but he will soon gain more.
Person 1: I got a X-Box!
Person 2: Don't play it!!! You will become part of Bill Gates' plan to take over the world!
Person 1: Oh...Mom, take me back to Best Buy, I need to return my X-Box!!
by Bryan June 06, 2005

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An asshat of epic proportions.
Robert Evans is a cockhat.
by bryan December 15, 2003

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Caps that preppy teen girls wear. Usually say "Von Dutch" or "John Deere" or something to that effect.
No one takes trucker caps seriously, they're a fad that will be gone in a month or two. Take it off.
by bryan August 05, 2004

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no dice; no go; not available

derives from days of hand-computed fantasy baseball stats. overeager owners (ie. steven blank) would call and hound the commissioner for the latest league statistics. one time, a flummoxed commissioner tony picked up the phone and screamed "NO STATS" before slamming it back on its cradle.
no stats on the movie tonight, i have to work.

no stats on the chronic, my guy wasn't home.
by Bryan April 16, 2005

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The region located at the back of your head. Usually used when one feels pain or hurts the back of their head.
Aw man, I just got punched in the back face.
by Bryan February 10, 2005

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A ancient dragon warrior that represents hilarity.
Haha. Dude, that's so zoltron.
by Bryan February 10, 2005

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