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Great television show that airs 9 est/8 cst, that is about a buncha of "desperate housewives" uses stereotypical women.
Desperate housewives a great show! You should watch it!!!
by bryan November 21, 2004

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When someone who obviously loves to have their hair in a very asymmetrical way shakes their head to remove their long bangs from their eyes.

They however immediately return their bangs to their rightful place, obscuring most of their face.
Pretty much any kid who is cool enough to be emo does the emo hair flip.
by Bryan September 21, 2006

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a better way of saying "MOVE!"
i can't think of an example...
by bryan February 04, 2005

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Initially a musical genre that emerged in the late 70s post punk era, Goth evolved into a full-blown sub culture a few years later with the evolution of Gothic fashion and imagery. A movement with a seemingly infinite ability to re-invent itself Goth has survived over 2 decades and has continued to evolve and grow in this time. However this propensity to re-invent itself has lead to a form of “identity crisis of Goth” in which even its most fervent adherents can no longer agree on a definitive answer to the question “What is Goth”.

In recent years the music industry has applied the term “Goth” rather broadly to various musical styles, which they seem unable to categorise, resulting in some confusion between various genres and the fans thereof. Unlike many of the subcultures than went before Goth does not seek to rebel against society, highlight its flaws (as was the case with the punks of the 70s) or define itself in terms of opposition to other sub cultural groupings (as was the case with the mods and the rockers of the 60s). As press interest in the genre continues, other sections of society have begun to define normality as “that which is opposed to Goth,” a common mainstream reaction faced by all subcultures at one time or another.
Goth music originated in the late 70s and has evolved and reinvented itself many times since
by Bryan October 23, 2003

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The chick form of the word dude
Dude.. that is one hot dudette
by Bryan August 30, 2004

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Channel where Congressional hearings are shown!!!
C-span is awesome!!!
by bryan March 24, 2005

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A shorter way to say Camaro. One of the best cars made that will beat any Mustang on any given day.
"Have you seen Bryan's maro? Damn it's nice lookin and hella fast."
by Bryan February 27, 2005

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