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A moat made of an emo's tears. Often filled with the angst and sadness of a thousand fagoths.
Bryan: Hey Emo! Go cry me an emoat! Hahahahaha! Fag!

Emo: *cries* *slits wrists* :*(
by bryan April 28, 2005
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When someone who obviously loves to have their hair in a very asymmetrical way shakes their head to remove their long bangs from their eyes.

They however immediately return their bangs to their rightful place, obscuring most of their face.
Pretty much any kid who is cool enough to be emo does the emo hair flip.
by bryan September 22, 2006
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It'll take about a dozen screwdrivers to get me wasted.
by bryan February 15, 2004
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see propaganda

this album is pure propganda for the liberals.

The album is very anti-conservative and anti-Christianity.
It's a sad thing when this is portrayed as music.
by bryan February 26, 2005
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3.A brace of poo's(a gathering of frog swollower's).
4.Oftern associated with the ''FREE-LANCE FELCHER'S SOCIETY''.
Billy enjoy's the partaking of his friends batty hole...coz billy is a cum caldren fag.
by bryan December 20, 2004
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