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To be completely drunk.
"John came home from the party monolithic."
by bryan January 28, 2005
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A woman's hairy genital area. Called this because, like a bowl of oatmeal, it looks all nasty but tastes good if you don't look at it. See also Oatmeal.
Sandra lifted her skirt to reveal a hearty bowl of oatmeal beneath.
by bryan August 28, 2003
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Beta is French for Humongous Genetals. The renaissance brought many things to humanity aswell as a word for a big penis. They pronounce it an "o" instead of the "E" in Beta.
I played with my Beta all day , so now I am Le tired.
by bryan March 27, 2005
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A rare form of Canadian Martial arts practiced by grizzle men to attrack the rare Brown eyed Gosse.
ive been kunufing all day.
by bryan December 25, 2004
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Similar to the Roman War Helmet, except you put your anus on their nose, place your balls on their chin and let your penis extend down their throat.
Brendan passed out early, so I gave him the ol' Canadian Defensive.
by bryan November 20, 2004
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