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A variation of necrophilia involving two live people and one dead (male or female)

To munt; Find and dig up a semi-decomposed corpse, One person then goes down on said corpse whilst the other jumps on the dead persons stomach - causing the juices (decomposed organs etc.) to be forced from all orifices, These are then drank by the person orally connected to the corspe.
Hey Mary lets go munting, they buried your sister two weeks ago now. She'll be ripe!!
by bronson September 11, 2004
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Asking for something and not receiving it.
Hey ma I want some cookies?
No Dice!
Dis ain't ova
by bronson September 08, 2003
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a junglist is a combination of all stylz rolled up in one. someone who is observent and open minded of anything and everything. although quik to form an opinion and stand firm about it, a junglist can also be someone who just straight doesn't give a fuck about anything but the things that matter the most. i.e. music, vibes, and all things good. a junglist will offer his/her opinion no matter if you want it or not. junglist are usually very straight forward people.

a junglist can also be someone who is dark and twisted, but deep down inside they to are good at heart. oh yeah and they feel real strongly about their music and sub-culture.

someone who loves music, and thats about all i can give for an example. its more of a state of mind than anything else, to me.

by bronson January 29, 2004
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bullfrogs introduced by Bart Simpson into Australia.
They is like kangaroos but they is repiles they is.
by Bronson January 05, 2005
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Somthing you call someone who is a bit stupid, or does stupid things
That guy is such a zubrick.
by Bronson January 02, 2006
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Shazwhoppers is something that just popped into my head. It is used when you are shocked or suprised.
Person A - "This person is gay"
You - "Really, SHAZWHOPPERS"
by Bronson January 05, 2005
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a large mammal to be found only on the island of malta. terrible scent, may spit if irritated.
the spat like a philippegatt although he did not smell as badly as one.
by bronson August 28, 2003
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