JUNGLIST (jun*gul*list)n. 1) A male or female who regularly listens to drum & bass/ jungle music. Junglist are also very aware of breakbeat culture practicing most traditions in & around breakbeat & hip- hop culture (ie. graffiti, breaking, mc'ing, dj'ing).
Junglists are very bias towards Jungle/drum & bass but have a general open mind towards broken beats.
I'm a junglist!
by C_squared October 20, 2003
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1 Before the emergence of Jungle/dnb this word used to describe the inhabitants of the Tivoli gardens area of Kingston Jamaica and was also taken on by the young people of the Broadwater farm estate in the Tottenham area of London.

2 Someone who is in full feeling of a certain type of music and vibe most typified in jungle/dnb . However an old skool junglist would have their roots firmly in 80's hip hop and reggae/dancehall and would have been effected by the early acid house and rave scene thus bringing with them there hip hop and reggae influences,essentially a junglist would listen to any music that has a certain ruff vibe to it most typified by breakbeats and heavy bassline
1 big up the tivoli junglist posse

2 inside jungle/dnb rave; hold up ya hand if u a true junglist
by junglistical gargon April 15, 2009
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A junglist is basically someone who loves jungle and drum n bass music. However there are many other characteristics that make someone a junglist. Junglists are ravers who like to have a good time and like to party. A junglist is a badman who is dark on the outside but inside they are caring and down to earth. It would make sense to call someone a rudeboy junglist... but not all rudeboys are junglists, they are very different. Junglists do not go about robbing people for no reason... they work hard and like to have fun. For this reason junglists should not be mistaken for the mindless pricks that go out n do that kind of thing, because anyone that does that is not a junglist. A junglist is also someone who dresses like a badman. If you see a guy at a dnb rave with the fit girl next to him, wearin a baseball cap and moschino jeans... its more than likely hes a junglist. A junglist is also someone who is intelligent with deep thoughts and opinions on life. Most junglists drink and take drugs... some people may disagree but it's a fact. I hope this definition has helped you understand what this word means. This is what I believe to be the meaning of the word junglist but this is just my own personal opinion. Easy...
I am a junglist. I love dnb. bo
by DnB Geeza November 26, 2006
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a complete and utter fucking legend,who knows how to party and get fucked up.and a man that loves jungle drum and bass more than he cares about sex
CHEESY QUAVER (junglist raver)
by £10 bag December 20, 2009
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some one who has jungle flowing through their very bloodstream. lives with it in the heart, their, brain, it is their soul.
beyond that they inhabit a wide spectrum. K/ no K, rasta/ nihilist. but who cares. other than that your feelin the slector, the mc, and the massive.
this is what i feel defines a junglist
its about music and kulture everything else is just icing on a cake than the tongue could ever taste
by aeztek November 12, 2004
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1. One whose "current frequencies of understanding outweigh that which has been given for them to understand."

2. Rave participant/DJ characterized by:
-an insatiable love for D'n'B/Jungle/Breaks that is apparent in every aspect of that individual's life
-A usually dark outer appearance contrasted by a soul filled with burning light
-a firm sense of God-sent wisdom and strength of conviction
-a devout willingness to defend the ass of a fellow junglist/raver

3. The chick/dude with dreads and camo at a rave that can usually dance/break/pop better than you.
1. Yo, that kid just opened his mouth and spit some straight-up Matrix-type at me. Him's gots ta be a Junglist.
2. Soon as Goldie hit da decks, I nearly got my ass trizzampled by dat massive influx of brockin' Junglists.
3. Look 'pon da danzefloor, fe dem Junglists bussin' sum wicked 'mills!
by Jahchild June 4, 2004
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One who listens to jungle/drum and bass music; examples of this music include music from Bad Company (UK), Goldie, Dillinja, and Shy FX just to name a few.
Whoever you know that listens to that fast music with fast breakbeats and crazy basslines, and lives by it, is a junglist.
by The Serial Junglist March 8, 2004
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