Someone who is sexually attracted to dead bodies/corpses.
Me: Dude, do you actually have necrophilia?
Him: Yeah.
Me: So you would get aroused when you see a dead body?
Him: Mhm.
Me: Bruhh, deadass?
by Isaiahranoutofusernames April 3, 2021
Another reason to get cremated when you die.
Necrophilia, huh? Well, I guess it's cool if your into that sort of thing.

GUY 1: Okay, man. If I die first, you can eat me for nourishment. You have my permission.
GUY 2: I can eat you?
GUY 1: Yeah, sure.
GUY 2: Um, okay. But can I also... you know... fffffff...
GUY 1: ...
GUY 2: Never mind.
by Arutunian March 22, 2012
What possible reason could you have for looking this up?
by R.Volcano September 2, 2006
she's "in love" with a dead guy....necrophilia.
by amartnotkmart November 14, 2011
greek: dead-love
one who derives sexual pleasure from cadavers
Necrophilia: Cause dead chicks cant say no!
by Wouter March 13, 2003
An attraction of an erotic sense to the idea or act of sexual contact with dead bodies.
Betty hangs out at the mortuary every weekend.. I'm thinking she's a necrophiliac or something.
by TFS June 6, 2005
The act of intercourse on a deceased creature. Not always human or female. Necrophilia is usually the result of childhood truama or the lust for absolute control. necrophiliac, necropedophile
your dad does necrophilia
by Gumba Gumba February 20, 2004