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A term mainly used in Chicago to describe a weak or soft individual. It is used to describe someone who is not tough. It can be described as the equivalent of a bitch ass nigga
Friend: Did you hear what Slim said about you?
Friend 2: Nah, I'm not worried about it, Slim was always a sweet motherf*****
by Spokenwordchoices December 30, 2014
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A mandem or ting who is attractive. It can mean hot, cute, sexy, and just about any word synonymous with attractive. Very commonly used in the city or anyone who likes to jack Toronto slang.
Mandem 1: yeeooo that shordy is SUPER sweet

Mandem 2: ahlie fam?
by somewasteyutefromthe905/416 November 18, 2018
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An intensive used to express satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, excellence, exaltation, approval, awe, or reverence. When used individually, the level of satisfaction expressed is most often directly proportionate to the duration of the vowel sound.
"Mashed potatoes for dinner. Sweet."
"I just won a million dollars? SWEEEEEEET!"
by tlc November 20, 2004
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