127 definition by brett

Nipples that are the size of dinner plates or bigger
God Damn, did you see Jennies nipples? Shes got some dish tits.
by Brett October 24, 2004

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Getting ur ass kicked while playing a computer game, like Counter-Strike....DoD, u get it...
Player1 kills Player2 with an ak47 without getting touched.

Player1: I OWNT U MOTHAF****A
Player2: Get laid fagmuncher
by brett July 06, 2004

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While doing a skank doggy style reach around and stick both your pinkies in the girls mouth and pull back for better penetration. Great for lulls with penile insensititvity.
I reached around and gave Julie a double fishhook becuase i wanted to go a little bit deeper.
by Brett November 13, 2003

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A term that implies one should give oral sex to the speaker, the common name for the male genitalia, penis, is substituted with Foster in order to show endearment to a friend.
Hey Michael, guess what?

What Brett?

Suck my Foster.
by Brett January 07, 2004

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Grunger, by loose definition, is anyone a teen-aged to adult-aged person whose taste in music, clothing, styles, hobbies, and whose overall upbringing have caused them to dislike the townies of their high school. Grungers usually inhabit small, poor towns, and aren't always found in great numbers. Their hallmark is formed by such bands as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, and several modern "grunge" bands, such as Creed. Grungers mostly wear flannels, blue jeans (although not necessarily with tears or rips), and perhaps workboots. Popular hair trends are long hair, burred hair, sometimes bleached hair, but never any spikes.
Kurt Cobaine is the prime example of a Grunger.
by Brett December 22, 2003

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One who closely resembles or shares characteristics with a retard and exhibits qualities usually associated with a fool. (fool + retard)
Look at that fotard try to trying to lick his elbow.
by Brett November 15, 2003

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a member of JTF-2 who uses special sounds in CS to gain an advantage.

Alternate meanings : Means To be hacked, gayed, scrubbed, or special sounded
esm got rambuckled in the SEASON 5 CAL-IM PLAYOFFS
by Brett July 07, 2003

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