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Getting ur ass kicked while playing a computer game, like Counter-Strike....DoD, u get it...
Player1 kills Player2 with an ak47 without getting touched.

Player1: I OWNT U MOTHAF****A
Player2: Get laid fagmuncher
by Brett July 6, 2004
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While the dude is lying on his back holding his ankles in the air, a female tongue punches his leather cheerio while he reaches climax solo cranking it. After his demon seed is released the female then tries to steal it to inseminate herself to ensure a life of prosperous sugar daddies.
Brian was getting the duder when kayla saw her oppourtinty to capitalize on an easy future.
by Brett May 28, 2016
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N. That to which one dedicates his or her life in the enlightenment that one cannot attain a signifigant other.
"I killed Diablo on hell two-hundred times in a row, and all I got was a lousy ichorsting."
by Brett March 19, 2003
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the struggling coach and soon to be rapper with his smash single "these people try to fade me".from homestarrunner.com
coach z:ive got a great costume!"
by Brett October 16, 2003
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1. A term commonly used with the words "popped" and "her" to describe to someone if you had devirginized a virgin.
2. A small, sweet fruit used to complement sundaes, milkshakes, etc.
"You know Meg? I popped her cherry last night"

"I always eat the cherry before starting on my sundae"
by Brett August 10, 2003
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the hyman of a girl if she's a virgin
I broke that chic's cherry fo' real
by Brett August 12, 2003
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when you get real sweaty and your ball sack sticks to your legs and you spread them.
yo i just got done bangin' moniqua and i got so sweaty i had a batwing.
by Brett September 6, 2004
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