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people who participate in a variety of activities including, a. jumping with the left foot forward,
b. ganking,
d.mortar and pestling,
f.pwning with swords
Generally identifiable by the obvious awesomeness.
That matzab was friggin pwning shit like it was his birthday.
by Brett February 11, 2004
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A car or truck with an altered suspension, such that the car rides low to the ground. May or may not include hydraulics and specialized wheels. See also lowrider.
"...hitting the corners in those low lows girl"
by Brett February 17, 2005
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To spontaneously throw one's Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in the air after seeing or hearing something that tingles their nerd-senses
Melvin: Oh, gee golly... The new X-men game is out for all consoles!!

Heimlech: !!! OMG!! *nerdgasm*
by Brett October 02, 2004
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The most underrated state in the nation. Short drive to the city, to the shore and to the mountains. Massachusetts winos' savior on Sunday. Massachusetts whinos' savior around Christmas.
I love New Hampshire.
by Brett March 07, 2005
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The act of wearing a bright yellow dragonball Z shirt to a school band concert where you are supposed to wear black and white.
That fucker he had to nickerplooperness last night and fuck over our chances of getting some fat ass.
by Brett May 02, 2003
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Getting ur ass kicked while playing a computer game, like Counter-Strike....DoD, u get it...
Player1 kills Player2 with an ak47 without getting touched.

Player1: I OWNT U MOTHAF****A
Player2: Get laid fagmuncher
by Brett July 06, 2004
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a definaitoion for a disease used for people who dont have a reson for not doing something (An excuse)
oh im sorry ive got paranamanelia
by Brett April 26, 2004
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