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N. That to which one dedicates his or her life in the enlightenment that one cannot attain a signifigant other.
"I killed Diablo on hell two-hundred times in a row, and all I got was a lousy ichorsting."
by Brett March 19, 2003
the struggling coach and soon to be rapper with his smash single "these people try to fade me".from homestarrunner.com
coach z:ive got a great costume!"
by Brett October 16, 2003
Hey smokey, shut up with ur crying
by Brett July 20, 2004
When someone uses a swift movement of their foot to pulverize another persons testicles. this will usually immobilise the kickee.
If you don't shut up you are goning to get a kick in the nuts.
by Brett May 6, 2003
1. A term commonly used with the words "popped" and "her" to describe to someone if you had devirginized a virgin.
2. A small, sweet fruit used to complement sundaes, milkshakes, etc.
"You know Meg? I popped her cherry last night"

"I always eat the cherry before starting on my sundae"
by Brett August 10, 2003
the hyman of a girl if she's a virgin
I broke that chic's cherry fo' real
by Brett August 12, 2003