A software application that can be run without prior installation.
The IT guy ran a questionably legal adobe flash cs3 portable from his jumpdrive.
by the original recon June 12, 2008
Adjective. Descriptive of a woman who is small enough to be carried around during sex, while being penetrated. Similar to a spinner. The most interesting position for a portable woman is the walking 69, usually seen in porn videos. Do not attempt this at home.
She's so small, she's completely portable, so we walked all over my apartment while we fucked.
by Evac156 February 18, 2005
A program that doesn't require installation, meaning you don't need administrator privileges to use it, and doesn't require a crack/keygen. Similar to a preactivated program, except it's all packed into one simple .exe file, with no or very few supporting files.
An easy way to avoid installing a program and taking up to much space, is downloading a Portable Program.
by Palm3R August 29, 2008
Someone who believes the freedom to say anything regardless of the racist or homophobic meanings.

Someone who will choose the more offensive words even thou other more suitable words exits.
You don't have to use the word Fag or nigger, stop being a Portable-Niche
by Wasp March 20, 2018
Referring to the build up of water inside your shoes after walking through a puddle or any other small body of water (noun)
I'm getting fucking pissed off! It was rainy yesterday and now I have portable puddles!
by Reefer_420_Madness October 4, 2011
sophisticated way of saying the word umbrella.
eg. "oh, its raining i need to get out my portable shelter"
by -totally foundation- June 3, 2006
People who mostly use there PSP's (Playstation Portable) for browsing, watching movies and surf the net for porn.
Dude check out my porn collection of hot nude chicks on my Pornstation Portable!
by Quentin_B November 6, 2006