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1.Filipino vampire creature. Usually taking the appearance of a beautiful woman, but by day she is able to seperate her body, as her upper half is able to fly/levitate while the bottom half just sits around "chilling". To kill, place salt on torso when upper half is in flight or scaring old people.
2. Filipino Female with unusually high pitch in voice.
1. "Yo what the fuck is that (points at legs)?"
"i dunno, probably a aswang"
2. bob: "ahhhh that girl is so fucking loud, she could break glass"
miguel: "she prolly a aswang, go throw salt at the biatch"
by sinigangsterdotcom April 04, 2005
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A Filipina who steals a man's soul through his wallet, usually foreign men who fall in love with them online. Once them man is drained of funds they move onto the next.
I took good care of her but she turned aswang and had to cut her off
by sentientone December 03, 2013
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