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Greek word denoting promiscuous male who engages in anal sex, possibly with both males and females, exclusively in dominant role ("the pitcher").

A kolobara who buggers other men may not be considered any less a man; rather, he may be viewed as a more formidable stud for buggering both genders prolifically.
He buggered Jane, Ann, Harry and Bob. For weeks they each cringed with pain whenever they sat down. He's quite a kolobara!
by boutsos May 22, 2005
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Episodic sex with an ex long after the break up.
I always break up amicably so if my ex is ever lonely and horny, she'll call me for a sneakback rather than doing a new guy and adding another notch on her belt.
by boutsos May 22, 2005
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An underage male who prostitutes himself to middle-age men -- usually married professionals and businessmen -- by standing on certain city streetcorners known for the "chicken trade."
"In order to finance his drug addiction, 16 year-old Otto works 24/7 as a chicken at 53rd and 3rd."
by boutsos May 24, 2005
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A man with a short and thin penis.
"Because his package was inadequate to satisfy her, she called him "pindick the bugfucker."
by boutsos May 22, 2005
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A word used in England by the English to describe persons with characteristics unique to the English.
When George from Liverpool called Trevor from Manchester a prat and a wanker, Trevor responded, "So are you, mate, as we're both Englishmen."
by boutsos May 24, 2005
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That chick's such a slut, there's no doubt she's holding the sift.
by boutsos May 22, 2005
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Greek insult for all occasions which literally means "ass child." It denotes a person who was conceived from anal sex and delivered at birth from his mother's ass.

If said to a Greek man, usually results in physical altercation.
Look at that kolopedo.

Come here kolopedo.
by boutsos May 22, 2005
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