The coolest guy you’ll ever meet. He has great taste in music too.
See that guy over there? He’s such an Otto.

Yeah, he’s awesome
by Rock x roll November 26, 2019
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The coolest dude in the world. He is charming and funny. Any girl can fall for him.
I wish I was Otto. Otto is so cool.
by Bobby_DaBest December 12, 2017
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Noun; Hawaiian Weed
Last night I got so high off that Otto.
by That1Guytoo March 5, 2012
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Usually super tall loves women but is too shy to admit it, not a extended family man but is loyal to those who treat him kind, this dude is the best friend you will ever have as long as you don't get in his bad side.
"Otto kicked me into a wall!" "Wow! what did you do to tick him off so much?!"
by FamilyFave October 7, 2019
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(ot-oh; Ger. awt-oh) - VERB

To hand tighten a nut so tight that it cannot be loosened by hand.
"Who the hell Otto'd these truss bolts? Someone get me a wrench!"
by Crowdsurfer February 7, 2010
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Otto is a person most often referred to as a man who is very strong minded. An Otto never gives up. Otto's are often business minded kind and very protective not just of there family and friends but of his influence and over anything he owns. You won't be able to easily persuade or take anything from an Otto.

Otto - is a German 🇩🇪 sir name meaning strength.

Otto - is also portrayed in tv shows and films as the cool 😎 guy popular guy.

Ottoman empire Google it.
You fam, that nigga an Otto. Don't even try that shit with him.

He's too Otto minded for us lets move on to the next client.

I will Otto your ass right here right now. ( I will fight you right here right now)

My Otto game strong 💪. I wasn't born yesterday my nigga.

I should Otto your ass nigga. Say something else.
by Jay aka ism June 23, 2019
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A legend who bangs out fortnite in the hood bangs out all the Girls and gets proper laid He is a ligit fitt cunt and won't mind dropping u in a hole
Guy 1 :

I saw otto today I was afraid he was going to kill me and be a Fitttt legend
by Mark G Top Dog January 15, 2018
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