The new person to the group, usually explained as the 'cool one' of the group
and inherently the most attentative, and atractive person. His past is unknowable
Yo new guy, welcome to the group, whoa ball?
by babyduckaddict August 18, 2004
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refers to a person who is of the opposite race, most commonly african. Hand gesture over the face must be used when describing someone as a "new guy"
"Oh my god, its a new guy"

"Lets all make fun of the new guy"

"Hmmm a new guy, let me get my gun"
by Tatman July 17, 2006
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I feel like the "new guy in jails bum".
You look like the "new guy in jails bum".
by Jimmy.Bebob August 4, 2008
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A 40 year old convicted felon who burns wraps and wears glasses that are too big
Yo who's that guy over there?

That's The new wrap guy
by Parmesan779 October 19, 2017
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The new age tough guy- is a wanna-be man sitting in the passenger seat of his girlfriends car yelling derogatory statements from the safety of an enclosed vehicle at people they do not like.

PSA: although many in number. Not a significant threat due to worrying more about you than themselves. Most will die off due to lack of success and motivation.
That new age tough guy just called me a faggit from 100 yards away. They are always a safe distance away.
by WhatGoesUpMustComeDown September 22, 2015
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