not good enough or un-sufficient
mother: go away i dont need any help!
Child: (sob) thanx now i feel completly inadequate
by frickena October 13, 2006
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not good enough, shits bad, looking all bad, NOT on point.
This bitch right next to me wearing all gold jewelry, making me feel hella inadequate with my fake ass jewelry from Claires.
by ayefaye June 1, 2013
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Can be used as a term to bag someone out about their less-than-average size penis
Ha, Ha, Ha, you are so inadequate
by Q W August 2, 2009
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A person who feels inferior beacuse they recive less text message action than their friends or work colleagues.
Bloody hell does your phone ever stop, your making me feel Textually Inadequate.
by Horizontalchampion July 22, 2009
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when you are not satisfied by your sexual encounters, usually because:
A. your partner sucks
B. you take your fantasies way too far and reality just isn't good enough for you anymore :'(
Help! I've been inadequately sexed!
by kickflip dude July 16, 2011
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